Varun Beverages Q3 Results: Reported loss of Rs 54cr

Varun Beverages Q3 Results: Reported loss of Rs 54cr

Varun Beverages Q3 Results: Reported loss of Rs 54cr

Varun Beverages Q3 Results: Reported loss of Rs 54cr:

Varun Beverages Q3 results: Varun Beverages one of the largest companies for selling carbonated soft drinks (CSDs) and non-carbonated beverages (NCBs) under the brand owned by PepsiCo.

This company posted a loss of Rs 53.95 crore in this quarter of the same fiscal year due to the increase in their expenses. However, the company posted a loss of Rs 70.82 crore in this quarter last fiscal year. The total income of Rs 35.98 crore as compared to the Rs 1.8 crore YoY helps to reduce the losses for this quarter. Due to the Non-season, the earnings were low but the operational values remain strong.

“The coming quarter is seasonally weak, so the losses of the company are expecting to be low as compared to the previous quarter of 2018. The business efficiencies, cost containment strategies and integration of new territories are relatively less”, the company said.

The companies revenue growth for this quarter increased by 54.1% to Rs 1,239.5 crore Year-on-Year. The total sales of the company increase to 80.7% YoY against Rs 8.25 crore.

Varun Beverages Q3 Results, The company releases its calendar for this financial year:

The companies EBITDA growth increases by 142% year-on-year to Rs 115.7 crore. The margins of the company raise to 330 bps YoY with 9.3% in this fiscal period. However, the tax credits of the company benefits of Rs 10.2 crore for this period, Where the previous year the credit growth is about Rs 15.8 crore. The tax exemptions the company is at Rs 34.5 crore.

In the previous year, the company increases its profit by 57.47% to Rs 472.2 crore. The company revenue increased by 38.64% against 7,248.45 crores compared to the last year. The total sales during this year increased by 44.9% YoY to 49.27 crores.





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