Umang Vohra speaks about cipla Q3 results

Umang Vohra, Cipla MD & CEO speaks about the companies Q3 performance.

Umang Vohra, Cipla MD & CEO speaks about the companies Q3 performance.

Umang Vohra speaks about cipla Q3 results

Umang Vohra, Cipla MD & CEO speaks about the companies Q3 performance.


Today’s it companies are up in the front line in stock market. The following IT companies like TCS, HCL, and Wipro have increased there shares up to 1-3 %.

  • TCS added 25.30 points with 1.18% reached 2171.85 level.
  • Wipro added 3.40 points with 1.40% reached 245.65 level.
  • Mindtree added 34.80 points with 3.83% reached 944.55 level.
  • HCL Tech added 16.00 points with 2.69% reached 611.60 level.

Let’s talk about Cipla it’s already been a good quarter. The yesterday’s revenue growth overshadowed the margins. The growth was actually driven from US region.

Us was very strong double-digit growth yesterday. Even India did very well

  • Cipla added 3.55 points with 0.79% reached 451.10 level.
  • Ajanta Ph added 98.45 points with 8.22% reached 1295.55 level.
  • Cadila Health added 11.15 points with 4.10% reached 282.80 level.
  • Nifty Pharma added 105.80 points with 1.30% reached 2831.40 level.

Can you give us on sense on where things stand in India. The trade generic segment saw disruptions in the first half of FY 20 now, it almost grown 7% this quarter. Can you safely say that this segment fully recovered?

Let me talk about of our business.This is the second straight quarter of 13% growth in prescription business in India. The last quarter is roughly the same amount of growth as well. The prescription trade business well guided for high single digit growth in this quarter and we reached there.

“I think the business is more or less stabilized but we are now back to growth in the trade generic business”, said by Umang Vohra, MD & Global CEO of Cipla.

What will be the growth rate for the second half both for branded and generic market?

“Branded we are looking at an average of 10 % to 13% depending on the market. Coming to the trade genetics we’re going to continue the high single digit growth  depending on the quarters”, he said.

A big standout performance was what happened in US it grew 11% Year-on-Year. But,it was sequentially a flat performance. How did your key drugs do and how did the base business perform?

The base businesses is relatively strong sensor power has reduced quite significantly between two quarters. I think we have seen sensor power fall off quite a bit but now it is almost normalized to base level or very close to that.

The rest of the products like Diclofenac, Budesonide, etc all of these products held of well in US. The US business is up about 13% in terms of overall US dollar growth.

What is the average sales of your company will generate in the coming quarters in the US?

We already guided in the beginning of the year, that our base level is somewhere in the range of 120 to 130. The base level sales are roughly in that range some quarter it would be closer to 120 and some quarters it could be slightly ahead of 130 millions. That’s the broad range we’re looking at for the US.

What is your decision as far as the pricing pressures in the US is concerned?

“I would say it’s better and it’s gonna be lot more stable in terms of environment. A lot of things happening there, if you see some of the large generic company market shares are beginning to move up and little bit of disruption in the trade. I think it’s going to be a lot more stable compared to 2019. I think a limited competition in the US, so i think it is a lot more stable environment”.

What are the new launches in the US and how many will be the limited competition in drugs?

“We are hoping to launch at least one before Q4 and they have varying sizes. but, some of the names are out in public domain. we hoping to release one per quarter”.

So the official actions indicated that the Goa Plan is not going to impact the US business?

“I already mentioned earlier, that the US is very small share  of our new product launches and as of now we operate in the state of actions and control at facility of our regular product. So, i don’t think there is any meaningful impact on US as of now”.

What is the update on the official action indicated for Goa planned. When can we expect remediation measures and what steps you’re undertaking in order to these issues?

“I think Goa is our first choice and what happened over the five years . We conducted all the centers from last 12 months. Whether it is Indore, Goa, Bangalore, etc. All those centers have gone except Goa.I think Goa have some limited work that we still need to do some actions and we committed to the do the actions on FDA by March”.

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