Tech Mahindra Q3 results: 17% YoY profit’s Rs 1,010.9 crore

Tech Mahindra Q3 results: 17% YoY profit's Rs 1,010.9 crore

Tech Mahindra Q3 results: 17% YoY profit’s Rs 1,010.9 crore

Tech Mahindra Q3 results: Expects 17% YoY profit to Rs 1,010.9 crore

Tech Mahindra Q3 results: Tech Mahindra is a multinational company holding businesses like Mahindra Group, Information technology services, and business process outsourcing.  The company is going to release its Q3 numbers on January 31.

However, major companies like TCS, Wipro, Infosys reported mixed results in the December quarter. This season is weak for IT companies even for Tech Mahindra also.

The quarterly numbers of Tech Mahindra in the communication segment clearly observed, said by brokerages. Brokerage company Motilal Oswal Financial Services increase their growth in both communication and enterprise.

The estimates of the company clearly show a 4.9% YoY increase in the revenue of the company to Rs 9,378.7 crore, Whereas the company EBITDA measures at 13% YoY fall to Rs 1,502.6 crore compared to Rs 1,722.6 crore.

The EBITDA margin is going to reduce to 16% in Q3 of this financial year compared to 19.3% posted on the previous fiscal year. The Antique Stock Broking is expecting a downfall of 17% YoY in Tech Mahindra’s net profit to Rs 1,010.9 crore.

However, the companies revenue growth increases to 5% YoY with  Rs 9,414.5 crore. The company sees growth in CC terms led by the telecom sectors with 2.2%. Kotak Securities also reported their CC revenue growth to 2% this quarter against a 5% YoY basis for Tech Mahindra. It also mentioned the major part of the revenue will be led by the communication sector.

The EBIT margin of Kotak Securities may reduce to 325 bps Year-on-Year. The decrease in the value of the currency will be led to large rebadging and transaction costs of AT&T from the recovery of bad loans.


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