SN Lahiri Leavs From L&T Mutual Fund

L&T Mutual Fund

Found House having critical Period Due to the SN Lahiri leaving from L&T India:

The CIO (Cheif Investment Officer) of the L&T Mutual Fund, Mr. Soumendra Nath Lahiri leaves the Asset Management Company (AMC). AMC’s biggest schemes equity and hybrid funds and also Rs 30,845 crores worth managed by him. Due to the extreme awareness in small and midcap schemes, lots of mutual fund investors and advisors respected him.

According to the mutual fund experts, believe that the absence of Lahiri’s will shows an impact on funds. as well as they also eagerly waiting for the next CIO for the L&T Mutual Fund. They said it is a very critical situation for the fund house due to a lack of senior fund managers.

The investment advisors said the effect on SN Lahiri maintained schemes and also a few impacts on the alternative persons.

SN Lahiri managed streams in L&T India, L&T equity, L&t Emerging Businesses, L&T Tax Advantage, L&T India Large and Midcap, L&T Midcap, L&T Infrastructure, L&T Balanced Advantage, and L&T Hybrid Equity Fund.

Earlier SN Lahiri worked as head of equities in Canara Robeco Mutual fund. In Emkay Global Services and Fortune Capital, he serviced as a chief investment officer. And also in DSP Merrill Lynch worked as co-head-equities.

L&T Mutual Fund Schemes Managed by SN Lahiri:

SN Lahiri maintained funds in L&T India. The L&T Balanced Advantages Fund returns of one year is rising by 7.85%. For 3 years the returns increased by 7.35%, and for 5 years the returns gained to 6.04%.

It launches the L&T Emerging Business Fund. The returns for one year downs of 7.35%. For 3 years, the returns increased by 9.58% and gained to 11.02% in 5 years.

The L&T Equity Fund returns for one year rise by 5.07%. For 3 years the returns increased by 9.82%, for 5 years the returns gained to 6.99%. And also for 10 years, the returns increase to 11.13%.


Scheme of the company  Returns for
1 year 3 years 5 years 10 years
L&T Infrastructure Fund -4.28 9.61 8.37 7.62
L&T Large and Midcap Fund 5.1 9.78 7.34 11.97
L&T Midcap Fund -0.66 10.15 10.71 14.25
L&T Tax Advantage Fund 1.83 10.39 8.7 11.96
L&T Hybrid Equity Fund 6.15 9 8.78  –
L&T Focused Equity Fund Regular plan 12.76  –  –  –


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