SBI Fixed Maturity Plan – Series 21 – 1109 Days

SBI Fixed Maturity Plan - Series 21 - 1109 Days

Fixed maturity Plan From SBI Mutual Fund

State Bank of India MF has launched another new fund offer under a fixed maturity plan. The name of the scheme is SBI Fixed Maturity Plan – Series 21 (1109 Days). The scheme was opened for subscription on 17th October and will close for subscription on 21st October. The tenure of this scheme is 1109 days. The state bank’s 21st series scheme offers regular income over the long term.

It is a closed-ended debt scheme. The offer of units of Rs 10 per unit during the offer period. SBI’s 21st series fund will also manage by Ranjana Gupta. The scheme is available in four plans such as Direct-Dividend, Direct-Growth, Regular-Dividend, and Regular-Growth.

Fund Objective

The objective of the scheme is to provide regular income and increase capital with limited interest rate risk to the investors by investing in debt instruments such as government securities, public sector undertaking, and corporate bonds. It also makes investments in money market instruments maturing on or before the maturity of the scheme.

SBI mutual fund scheme launched by the SBI asset management company (AMC) in the market to raise capital from the public to expand its operations.

Minimum Investment

Investors should invest a minimum of Rs 5000 and in multiples of Re 1 thereafter.  According to the report, the redemption or repurchase of units shall not be allowed previously to the maturity of the scheme.

SBI Fixed Maturity Plan – Series 21 Asset Allocation Pattern

SBI’s 21 series scheme should follow the 3 types of allocation patterns which depend on the maturity period selected by the investors.

For scheme maturity up to 13 Months

 Instruments  Indicative Allocation (% of total assets )  Risk Profile
 Minimum – Maximum
 Debt & Money Market Instruments  Up to 100%  Low to Medium

For scheme maturity between 13 Months to 37 Months

 Instruments  Indicative Allocation (% of total assets )  Risk Profile
 Minimum   Maximum
 Debt  60%  100%  Low – Medium
 Money Market Securities  0%  40%  Low to Medium

Maturity above 37 months

 Instruments  Indicative Allocation (% of total assets )  Risk Profile
 Minimum   Maximum
 Debt  70%  100%  Low – Medium
 Money Market Securities  0%  30%  Low to Medium

The scheme is suitable for investors who are seeking regular income over the short/medium/long term. The performance of the scheme will be a benchmark to CRISIL Medium Term Debt Index.

Disclaimer: This post gives only information regarding the scheme. It does not offer any advice or investment tips to investors. MF investments are set to market risk. Please consult your financial adviser before invest.

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