National Stock Exchange of India

National Stock Exchange of India
National Stock Exchange of India

The National Stock Exchange of India was established in the year 1992, Before the launch of NSE, Securities, and capital market in India delayed significantly behind other countries in the world, and lost credibility after Harshad Mehta scam. For that reason, a Stock Exchange was required to provide better infrastructures than other countries in the world with a transparent trading system and new technologies. Finally, NSE established, and as a result, NSE keeps going to reach its service expectations.

As a matter of fact, the NSE in 2015 is the largest stock exchange in India and the 4th most large stock exchange worldwide in terms of Equity Volume Trading according to World Federation of Exchange (WFE), The SEBI report states that within one year of its 1994 founding year, the National Stock Exchange became the largest stock exchange in India, as reported in Trading Average Volume.

On the other hand, NSE began screen-based training from 1994 and became the first trading platform in India to offer such a trading platform, with NSE launching its own Index Future in 2000.

NSE and BSE Economic Capital Markets of the Country

Today both the BSE and NSE exchanges work in our country almost the same way, although the two Index Value is different. Since the index of both begin in different years, and the number of companies included in its index is different, where 30 companies are included in the BSE and 50 companies are included in NIFTY-50, The index is also different.

In addition, the Indian economy is being taken on by both stock exchanges today with its Index, BSE Sensex, and NIFTY 50 capital development, The office located in Mumbai, India. Vikram Limaye is the main person leading as MD & CEO. Moreover, the number of Listing is 1952. The Indices are NIFTY 50, NIFTY NEXT 50, NIFTY 500


  • Establishment of NSE – 1993
  • Start of Screen-Based Trading  – 1994
  • CNX NIFTY 50 Index debuts – 1995
  • Beginning of Demat Account Trading – 1996.
  • Index Future Trading Begins Above Nifty 50 – 2000.
  • Future and Option start at Single Stock – 2001.
  • Launch of Index Options Trading based on NIFTY 50 – 2001.
  • CNX Nifty renamed to NIFTY 50 – 2015.

Board Members

Managing Director Vikram Limaye
Company Secretary S Madhavan
Shareholders Director Sunita Sharma
Abhay Havaldar
Prakash Parthasarathy
Non-Executive Independent Director Naved Masood
T V Mohandas Pai
Dharmishta N Raval
Dinesh Kanabar

NSE Announcements

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