LIC Chairman MR Kumar about LIC IPO

LIC Chairman MR Kumar about LIC IPO

LIC Chairman MR Kumar about LIC IPO

LIC Chairman MR Kumar about LIC IPO:

Has the work started on making LIC IPO (initial public office)? 

LIC Chairman MR Kumar: Not really, we have to start the work a lot of things need to do maybe in the next couple of months. We will be doing a lot of work on LIC IPO.

Can you explain how you think about this entire process? 

First, we have to do the valuation because it is the first time this IPO process is being started. The valuation will be a big challenge will have to see what to do in order to get there. I also said that the perception around our own people, the policyholders, the general public needs to be cleared and the government is very clear that it is doing only part divestment nothing more than that. This will take a lot of time and a lot of work.

Can you please explain broadly about the valuation that you mentioned is more challenging?

Let’s take other companies like manufacturing and other organization it’s a very simple kind of valuation. Whereas in Lic it’s a little complicated.  Because we already invested more equity in so many companies, and we have a large real estate and every valuation needs to be done.

Would you appoint a valuer for regarding valuation?

We didn’t even think about that, we have to sit down and discuss internally what we need to do and latter we discuss to the government as well.

Mr. Kumar, have you heard how much the government would be comfortable in terms of divesting?

No, that is something we have not discussed yet.

I just wanna ask you to get your thoughts with regards to the budget introducing a new tax regime. what kind of impact do you think it will have on your premiums?

Basically, if you look at segmenting people into three parts: 1. the rich 2. the middle class and 3. really poor. Maybe a decade back, I would say the middle-income group was always ready to take insurance policies only for the sake of tax benefits but over a period of time, many other elements introduced into ATC. which is not only for insurance a lot of things happening. for us, I don’t think much of the impact on ATC provision.

Lots of news suggesting that NPA has been on the rise over the last many years. Could you tell us what is the ratio at right now?

I agree with you there has been some stress over the last couple of years. But, we have made provisions for all. we are following up on wherever we can get the recovery is done. The overall gross is around 1% now because of most of our investment 60%-70% in government securities. The entire portfolio of 31 lakh crores hardly 30,000 crores and that’s about 1% and the net is 0.4%.

You don’t expect that to rising. what’re your expectations on NPA this year?

This year I don’t think, whatever happened has happened nothing worse to happen. I think it will continue or maybe become even better now.

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