Indians Can Invest In Saudi Aramco IPO

Indians Can Invest In Saudi Aramco IPO

Still, Indians Have A Chance To Invest In Aramco Public Offer

Saudi Arabian Oil company is the world’s most profitable company. It had launched its new public offering on 17th November. The shares of Saudi Aramco IPO will list on Riyadh Stock Exchange Platform. 

The officials of Aramco declared that the company plans to dilute 1.5 percent of a stake through the public offering valued between $24 billion and $25.6 billion. Aramco is planning to raise its valuation to $2 trillion which is twice to Apple store valuation. However, the value ranged between $1.6 trillion and $1.71 trillion, said by the officials. 

Aramco public offer will run until 4th December. So, non-institutional investors can have more time to invest in this IPO. But, Saudi retail investors only have 8 more days for applying the world’s biggest IPO. The World’s profitable IPO will close on 28th November for retail investors. 

Two Ways To Invest In Saudi Aramco IPO

At this time, we have a piece of great news for Indian investors. Still, Indians can have a chance to invest in the biggest-ever IPO. Here are two to apply for this IPO. 

Indian investors will have a limit chance to invest in international markets. According to the RBI norms under LRS (Liberalised Remittance Scheme), domestic investors will convey up to $2.5 lakhs per financial year to other countries as an investment. 

The investors who are interested in Aramco’s IPO can choose this way. However, it only possible when Indian brokers tie-up with foreign or direct with the overseas broker. But, investors should complete a lot of paperwork for choosing this way. It’s quite difficult.

The second one is investors can also invest in Saudi oil company IPO by purchasing the international mutual fund schemes. This is the best and easy way to invest indirectly. Kotak Global Emerging or Franklin Asian Emerging Funds are international MF schemes. If you purchase these schemes, the fund managers will invest in the most profitable IPO. 

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