Indian Mutual Funds: Fund Managers Made Big For Investors

Indian mutual funds

The fund managers manage the Indian Mutual funds instead of Investors :

At present, the fund managers maintaining Rs 25.60 lakh crore of funds instead of investors in Indian mutual funds. A maximum of managers aims to give more profits to investors. Some of the managers mostly gained high profits.

According to the survey, we will know about how many numbers of fund managers there from the last 5 years? and how they will produce high profits? and also know about how much period better to invest in equity mutual funds?

As per the survey, the open-ended equity funds having nearly Rs 1,000 crores of Assets. In this report, they didn’t concentrate on the sectoral schemes. And also collected the single fund manager’s compound annual growth rate of the schemes. The returns of that manager is risen by 10% on average of 5 years.

The schemes neglected by the survey by the risk factor which is under the index ratio from the last 5 years. 

According to the survey List of Indian Mutual Fund schemes Managed by Fund Managers:

Mutual Fund 1st year (%) 3rd year (%) 5th year (%) Average (crore)
Mirar Asset Large Cap Fund 14.87 11.93 12.22 14,917
Axis Long Term Equity Fund 24.03 13.20 13.07 20,425
SBI Focused Equity Fund 20.57 11.65 12.65 5,726
Parag Parikh Long Term Equity Fund 15.20 11.94 12.42 2,205
Kotak Equity Opp Fund 17.08 8.62 10.85 2,614
DSP Small Cap Fund 1.00 -1.69 9.52 4,773
Kotak Small Cap Fund 8.80 2.95 9.65 1,257

It is not complete information, it is just a piece of information about the mutual fund schemes managed by the fund managers. And also some of the funder managers didn’t consider in the survey. Such as the Axis Mutual Fund manager, he was continued in this scheme to 5 years. But this scheme gained more results for investors. Same the Motilal Muticap 35 Fund, lastly the fund manager was replaced by another person.

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