CG Power and IndustrialSolutions Ltd

CG Power and Industrial Solutions Ltd

CG Power and IndustrialSolutions Ltd

CG Power and IndustrialSolutions Ltd formerly known as Crompton Greaves. R. E.B Crompton founded Crompton & Company in 1878. In order to form Crompton Parkinson Ltd, the company was merged with F. A  Parkinson in 1927.  In 1937 Crompton Parkison established Parkinson’s works Ltd in Bombay as an Indian subsidiary. In assosication with Greaves Cotton, it also formed a sales organization namely ‘Greaves Cotton & Crompton Parkinson Ltd’. Before Independence ‘Lala Karam Chand Thapar’ an Entrepreneur has acquired Greaves Cotton when the company kept for sale. As a result, Karam Chand Thapar has got the authority over several associated companies which includes Crompton Parkison Works, Greaves Cotton, and Crompton Parkison Company.

The name Crompton Greaves Limited came into existence on 2nd August 1966, following a court directed amalgamation of Greaves Cotton and Crompton Parkison Ltd.

In 1974 Crompton Greaves joined with Western Hemisphere exclusive which is a Texas-based Encon Industries in order to introduce high breeze electric ceiling fans to the American market. Moreover, it exported around 6 million units of ceiling fans to Markwardt in  North and South America with a brand name “Encon”(Energy Conservation). In 2009 Crompton Greaves has adopted a new brand name identity and since Known as CG. Headquartered in Mumbai.

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