Bombay Stock Exchange

Bombay Stock Exchange
Bombay Stock Exchange

Bombay Stock Exchange

The BSE ie Bombay Stock Exchange is the first Stock Exchange in Asia which was established in 1875 and the first stock exchange in the world to be independent since India became permanently recognized under the Securities Contract Agreement 1956.

As a matter of fact, BSE is currently the world-wide fastest stock exchange with a capability of 6 Microseconds, BSE is the first stock exchange in the country to achieve ISO 9001 2000 certification and the second stock exchange worldwide.

Today BSE SENSEX is like a benchmark that demonstrates the status of the Indian economy, which means that the Indian economy grows when BSE SENSEX is growing.  BSE has made a very commendable contribution to the Indian corporate world in meeting capital-related needs for the past 142 decades from 1875 to the present.


The BSE’s first name was “The Native Stock Broker Association” in 1875, later renamed Bombay Stock Exchange. BSE was started in Mumbai in the year 1850 under a banyan tree, now today is the Horniman Circle Garden. Most of the people used to collect money and trade for shares at the Banyan tree.

In addition, as the number of people making the deals increased, they began to gather under a banyan tree at the junction of Mahatma Gandhi Road and Rose Street in Dalal and afterward more people grew up looking for a new place in 1874, which became famous as Dalal Street. And today, BSE TOWERS is on Dalal Street itself, the 129 floors of BSE TOWERS are 118 meters high, the L&T company has built the building and Chandrakant Patel its architect. Moreover, the Construction began in 1970. In 1980 construction completed at that time was India’s largest building.

BSE History

  • 9 July 1875 – Establishment of “THE NATIVE STOCKBROKER ASSOCIATION”.
  • 31 August 1957 – Recognition of BSE as the country’s first STOCK EXCHANGE under the SECURITIES CONTRACT AGREEMENT ACT of the Indian Constitution.
  • 2 January 1986 – S&P BSE SENSEX, the country’s first STOCK EXCHANGE INDEX established.
  • 25 July 1990 – Reached above BSE SENSEX 1000.
  • 15 May 1992 – Establishment of SEBI for STOCK EXCHANGE development and control.
  • 14 March 1995 – Beginning of BSE ONLINE TRADING (BOLT).
  • 22 March 1999 – Establishment of CDSL.
  • 11 October 1999 – BSE above 5000 for the first time.
  • 9 July 2000 – Option and Futures Trading Begins at Equity Derivative.
  • 1 April 2003 – Start of T + 2 Settlement.
  • 19 May 2005 – For the first time SENSEX reached over 10,000.
  • 3 February 2017 – BSE becomes India’s first LISTED STOCK EXCHANGE

 BSE Stock Market

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