Axis Mutual Fund Schemes Returns Chart

Axis Mutual Fund Schemes Top Returns Chart

Axis Mutual Fund Scheme Performance

In the mutual fund industry, the max of fund houses trying to provide high returns and perform well across all the categories of schemes. But, it possible only occasionally. Now, Axis Mutual Fund name placed on this list. The fund house has achieved this credit with its large, multi, and mid-cap schemes. Axis Mutual Fund schemes have outperformed peers and the benchmark indices over the 1 year and 5 years period by 5 to 12 percent across all categories of schemes.

The fund house schemes have profit on the conviction bets. These are on sectoral leaders and companies with a high level of business plans which fall a little less than their smaller peers in volatile markets. 

In 2016, the Axis MF had struggled to make it to the list of the best performing schemes. Later, the official of this fund house focused on big companies that have not only been profitable but also had the potential to scale up opportunities. They select a few big companies based on such companies’ corporate governance, remuneration policy. Moreover, they also check the capability of the firms to pick up their balance sheet from huge debt.

According to the report, the fund house has noted a revenue growth of 25 percent when the GDP growth stayed at 7 percent and when GDP growth stayed at 5 percent, the revenue grows at least 22 percent. “This type of change can give some level of confidence for a fund manager,” said Jinesh Gopani, equities head at Axis Mutual Fund. Here are the Axis mutual fund schemes and returns in a period of 1 to 3 years.

Axis Mutual Fund Schemes and Returns

 Fund  Category  1-Year Return (%)  1-Year Rank  3-Year Return (%)  3-Year Rank  Net Assets (cr)
 Axis Small Cap  Small-Cap  21.37  1/14  9.89  2/13  1,037
 Multicap  Multi-cap  19.36  2/49  NA  NA  4,575
 Axis Mid-Cap  Mid Cap  14.20  1/23  11.48  1/21  3,200
 Bluechip  Large Cap  20.01  1/96  14.83  1/81  8,050
 Axis Long-Term Equity  ELSS  15.40  2/35  11.98  2/33  20,425

The top schemes of Axis Mutual Fund are Axis Bluechip, Mid-cap, and Multi-cap fund. These schemes have 20%, 19.3%, and 20.13 percent cash respectively. These three fund schemes also considered as top funds in large-cap, mid-cap and multi-cap funds.

Axis AMC has always offered the best quality products to the investor’s basis for their needs. It aims to deliver constant performance in every fund managed. There are a lot of opportunities in the market for long term investments. Axis’ schemes will help investors seek notable wealth creation opportunities.

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