Adarsh Plant Protect Ltd

Adarsh Plant Protect Ltd

Adarsh Plant Protect Ltd

Adarsh Plant Protect Ltd engaged in increasing agriculture output and protecting the environment. Therefore it constantly contributing to the Nation’s growth.  It expanded its business in diverse markets. Besides, the company entered into the market of Sprayer Pumps, Barrels and cook stoves. These products bagged popularity across India. 

In addition, the company initiated a wing for LED lights and solar energy. Expecting to start an export business in future. The company formed as a legal entity in the year 1992.

Products of Adarsh Plant Protect Ltd :

The products of the company include Agriculture Sprayer Pump, Barrels, and Cook Stoves. The company is involved in manufacturing of manual and battery-operated sprayer pumps to spread pesticides on crops. Agriculture Sprayer Pump includes Knapsack Sprayer, Outer Cylinder Sprayer, Hi-Tech Sprayer, Battery Operated Sprayer, Hi-Grow Sprayer, Foot Sprayer, Rocker Sprayer, Hand Rotary Duster, Fertilizer Broadcaster, and Seed Dresser.

It engaged in the production of good quality barrels and drums. Barrels include Galvanized barrel from G.P Sheets, Epoxy/lacquered Coated barrel, M.S.HMHDPE Poly-line Composite barrel, R-11 Type Mig Welded barrel, M.S.plain – Fixed Head barrel, M.S.plain – Open Head barrel, M.S.plain Barrel-Non Return Valve on Top Lid. While the cookstoves include Adarsh Clean Cook Stove and Adarsh Community Stove. These cook stoves are ideal alternative to traditional chula in India. 

Board of Directors:

The board of directors of the company include Naishad N Patel, Atish N Patel, Arvind V Shah, Lalji B Darji, Jagdish I Patel, and Jyotika N Patel. 


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