Abhishek Corporation Ltd

Abhishek Corporation Ltd

Abhishek Corporation Ltd

Abhishek Corporation Ltd is a mixed textile unit. The firm mainly engaged in the manufacturing of cotton yarn and dyed yarn shirting fabric. It is a 100% export oriented spinning unit. Right now, the company is aiming to enhance its spinning capacity by including another 12000 spindles to cater to the additional requirement of yarn. Also, the company is planning to establish an integrated yarn dyed shirting fabric project to utilize its thriving national and international market. 

Major Events and History of Abhishek Corporation Ltd:

The inception of the company happened in the year 1993. It took up the production business of cotton yarn during the year.  At first, the company named as Abhishek Cotspin Mills Limited (ACML). Then, the name changed to Abhishek Mills Ltd (AML) during the year 2005.

In the year 1999, the company established the spinning unit at Kolhapur with the initial capacity of 13,104 spindles.  Thereafter, the firm added 23,040 spindles. Currently, the company hold 36,144 spindles. The company set up a dyed yarn shirting fabric unit which produces 20,000 mts fabric. While the processing capacity of the fabric unit is 60,000 mts per day. 

On the other hand, the company ventured into the construction business during the year 2000. Also, it took up the Morbe dam (earthern) project on Dhavri River form R.M. Mohite & Co., companies group firm. 


The board of directors of Abhishek Corporation Ltd include Anasaheb R Mohite, Rama Jawahar Swetta, Dhananjay Shripati Charane, and Manohar Vitthal Dudhane. 

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