Abbott India Ltd

Abbott India Ltd

Abbott India Ltd

Abbott India Ltd is among the prospering pharmaceutical companies in India. It is a subsidiary of Abbott Laboratories. The company cater to the needs of the Indian market by providing high-quality medicines, various nutritional products, diagnostic tools, generic pharmaceuticals and many more. Headquartered in Mumbai. 

The company is involved in developing, manufacturing, and marketing the reliable products with expert clinical support. It is part of Abbott’s global pharmaceutical business in India.

History and Milestones of Abbott India Ltd :

It incorporated in 1944 as Boots Pure Drug Company (India) Ltd. Afterwards, the company name changed to The Boots Company (India) Ltd during the year 1971, then to Boots Pharmaceuticals Ltd in 1991. During the year 1995, the company’s named altered to Knoll Pharmaceuticals. Finally, the company got its existing name Abbott India Ltd in the year 2002 after several changes. 


Sold Jejuri undertakings together with assets and liabilities as a going concern.


A fully owned subsidiary, Lenbrook Pharmaceuticals Ltd merged with the company.


Launched the production of capsules with a capacity of 27 Million Nos.


The capacity of manufacturing of capsules increased to 56 Million Nos. Also, it initiated a new project of manufacturing Nutritional Products. 


The production capacity of tablets increased from 236 million to 686 million. 


  • Manufacture capacity of tablets increased from 769 million to 1455 million. Also, introduced Digene total, Buffered pantoprazole tablet, Brugel, Thyronorm 150, Digene sugar-free tablet and Gel.
  • The company approved buy-back of 7.97 Lakh wholly paid-up equity shares of the company through a tender offer method. 


Unanimously agreed to the draft scheme for uniting Solvay Pharma India into Abbott India


The company completed the allotment of 75.74 Lakh equity shares to Solvay Pharma India Ltd shareholders. 


Firm changed its accounting year from the year ended 31 December 31 to the year ended 21 March. 


General Care Division of the company launched a new product named Arachitol Nano


The company introduced 17 new products in varied therapy segments


Launched 10 fresh products in diverse therapy segments


The company established a new business unit named GI Advance

Board of Directors:

The Management team of Abbott India Ltd include Munir Shaikh, Ambati Venu, Shalini Kamath, Anisha Motwani, Rajiv Sonalker, Kaiyomarz Marfatia, Jawed Zia, Sudarshan Jain, and Mark Murphy II.


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