3P Land Holdings Ltd

3P Land Holdings Limited

3P Land Holdings Limited is manufacturing and selling paper. The company manufactures and sells a variety of papers including crepe, hygiene, and carbon tissue, as well as wrapping paper for fruit, flowers, food, poster, and art paper. 3P Land Holdings represents Indian clients.  The Company founded in 1965, with more than 150 employees working under this company.

As authorized by the Company Registrar, with effect from 6 April 2018, Pune changed its name from “Pudumjee Industries Limited” to “3P Land Holdings Limited.” In less time, they expanded their company its range of paper which included high-quality tissue paper.  In 1985, with the introduction of another imported paper machine, the company increased its capacity to 11,000 tpa. It ceased to be a PPPML subsidiary in Feb.87. Another machine with a capacity of 21,500 tpa has been installed. The phase-out of one of the old machines installed in 1978 limited the installed capacity to 20,000 tpa.

Executives: –

Jagadish Waman Patil – CFO/Secretary

Board Members

  • Gautam Nandkishore Jajodia
  • Arvind Kumar Somany
Rajendra Chiranjilal Saraf
  • Vasudha Jatia
Bhavanisingh Shekhawat

The Company has issued 1,80,00,000 equity shares of Rs.2/- each and has about 3,650 number of shareholders.

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